Martin de Groot

Martin has been in the US for almost 20 years and has been consulting to, and participating with, Dutch companies that bring their products into the North American market. He has extensive experience managing business development.

With a masters in Food Science and Bachelors in Supply Chain Management his first job was with Sara Lee in the Netherlands managing Supply and Demand for Household & Personal care products in Europe. 

After moving to Washington DC at the start of the millennium he spend 4 years learning the dos and don'ts in North America as Director of Logistics for Cuisine Solutions. 

But when here you have to start the American Dream and NL to US was created; Helping Dutch companies succeed in the US market.

The first customer turned into a full time project and Dutch & Delicous, a manufacturer of kroketten & bitterballen in Florida, was turned into a full fledged manufacturer of prepared foods and ready meals in Atlanta.

In 2013 Martin stepped back from an operational role and went back to the original idea;

Being an Agent, Broker and Consultant to Dutch Companies entering the US market.

With NL to US we have been very successful with various Food products. As questions kept coming from non-food manufacturers and B2B companies a second company "Impact Americas Consulting" started in 2017 with a focus on that segment.

Martin started the Netherlands America Chamber of Commerce Washington Metro chapter in 2015, a non-profit supporting business ties between the Netherlands and the United States.

He is also co-president of the Netherlands American Business Council; a network of independent Dutch-American chambers of commerce, business councils, local chapters of the Netherland-America Foundation (NAF), and the NAF-Biz network throughout the United States.

In the past 20 years he has build a vast network in North America and has strong ties with amongst others lawyers, tax accountants, visa specialists and financial institutions that are needed to support a winning business integration in the US market.

Martin lives in Springfield, Virginia with his wife and 2 daughters and when he is not travelling can be found on the soccer field!

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